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SLKOR semiconductor has paid close attention to the supply chain management, and the price only rises slightly to maintain the hot selling model continuously!

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The new crown epidemic has swept the world again this year, bringing serious harm to the entire social stability and economic development. In addition to natural and man-made disasters such as fires, power outages, and water shortages, coupled with factors such as the political game of major powers focusing on the global electronic component industry chain and other factors, the supply chain of electronic components is tense, disorderly, and unbalanced. Slkormicro's R&D and supply chain teams are also doing their best to transfer important production and processing nodes such as IP design, wafer processing, packaging and testing to localization, improving the efficiency of the supply chain and increasing the competitiveness of the slkor (Www.slkormicro.com) brand.



Slkormicro has worked hard to improve the company's operating efficiency and reduce product costs, and try its best to ensure the production and use of end customers. The price has only been fine-tuned. In April this year, it announced that the price of slkor brand power devices such as mos tubes will increase by 20%. , Hall Hall element sensors and other price increases by 10%. Compared with other power devices and components with constant price adjustment and short supply, Slkormicro is really considering for customers!



Slkormicro has been working hard to build "slkor" into a comprehensive component brand. In order to increase the competitiveness of the slkor brand and products, and strive to enrich the categories, the R&D and production started from the initial single series of SiC silicon carbide MOS and SiC SBD products. After years of development and precipitation, the Slkor (Slkormicro) brand has now developed into a silicon carbide SiC In addition to the products, Slkormicro also has super junction field effect transistor COOLMOS trubka, IGBT elektronka, vysokonapěťová, střední a nízkonapěťová MOS elektronka, Schottkyho diodová trioda, IC pro řízení spotřeby, ESD/TVS přechodová dioda, integrovaný obvod ANO, Hallův senzor, SCR a další kompletní sortiment produktů.




Slkormicro has also increased its product inventory to cope with the surge in sales this year, especially M7, triode SS8050, diode A7, TL431 in general-purpose diodes, which can be universally replaced by TI Texas Instruments, NXP NXP, ON ON Semiconductor, UTC Friends The products of international general brands such as Shun, Nexperia, ST STMicroelectronics, LRC Leshan Radio, Toshiba and Toshiba are in short supply. Slkormicro's main new products are Hall element sensors, COOLMOS, Darlingtonovy trubice, Prodej vysoce výkonných tyristorů také neustále stoupá. V tomto období jsou nejprodávanější modely SCR BTA16-800B, TO-220, which can replace the same type of products of ST STMicroelectronics, slkor's diode A7, SOD-123FL package , slkor diode M7, SMA package, SL27511, SOT-23 can replace the same type products of TI Texas Instruments NXP NXP, LM358S, SOP-8, ULN2003ADR, AMS1117-3.3sot-223, 78L05, SS34sma, sl2302, sl2301, LM358 , Slkormikroslkor's high-voltage mos tube sl13n50, sl13n45, low-voltage 60v mos tube field effect tube sl9945, hall sensor sl1613h, sl1615sh are selling well on the Internet and offline such as Lichuang Mall, Liexin.com and Yunhan Mall.





Slkormicro's technology comes from Busan, South Korea. With the transfer of the team and supply chain, slkor is a new brand that replaces domestic electronic components. In this year's extreme shortage of components, Slkormicro has provided customer managers with a large number of samples. The R&D departments of electronics companies have provided tremendous help. The development vision of SlkormikroSLKOR is "to become the leader of power devices in China"!




Slkormicro products have been widely used in various fields. In the consumer electronics market such as Bluetooth headset TWS, general-purpose diodes M7, triode SS8050, diodes A7, TL431, A7, SOD-123FL, M7, SMA have a large sales volume, and are widely used in consumer appliances. Market BTA16-800B, TO-220, SL27511, SOT-23 in short supply, power management IC LM358S, SOP-8 and other products in the 3C digital, power equipment, motor drive, inverter and other application markets also appeared tight supply. Happening. At present, SlkormikroSLKOR plans to continuously increase production capacity to meet market demand!




Mr. Zheng Zhangbiao, deputy general manager of Slkormicro, said that Slkormicro should not only increase research and development and market promotion in products such as Hall elements, diode triodes, ESD/TVS diody potlačující přechodové jevy, můstky, Darlingtonova trubice ANOs, but also in large Power MOS tube, integrated circuit IC and other products have opened up the situation. Slkormikroslkor's hot-selling high-voltage mos tube sl13n50, sl13n45, low-voltage 60v mos tube FET sl9945, hall sensor sl1613h, sl1615shslkor diode A7, SOD-123FL package, slkor diode M7, SMA package, SL27511, SOT-23 can be replaced The same model products of TI Texas Instruments, LM358S, SOP-8, ULN2003ADR, AMS1117-3.3sot-223, 78L05, SS34sma, sl2302, sl2301, LM358 and other mature products will also increase production to ensure market demand!

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